Product Features:

  • 100% organic cleaning wipes
  • Each set includes wet and dry wipe
  • Three sets per package
  • Airport friendly
  • Odor free
  • For all electronic devices
  • Ideal for travel, office, school, home, car, anywhere!


Our organic solution is specially designed and formulated to safely clean and protect electronic devices without damaging or weakening the screen's surface.

Conventional screen cleaners use alcohol and other chemicals. These chemicals can penetrate into electronic screens causing fading and degradation. In fact, most electronic manufacturers strongly discourage the use of alcohol and other chemicals on their screens. Our non-toxic, chemical free solution will revitalize your screen's surface, safely removing debris and other blemishes, leaving a clear, healthy, vibrant screen. Our solution has been tested and verified by a leading environmental testing laboratory and is free of alcohol, ammonia, volatile organics, and other toxic substances.

Isn't it time to give those expensive electronic devices the attention they deserve? Coming Soon!